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Visiono Health Care Plastic Finger Massager

Brand : Visiono

Description : Accupressure Finger Massager For Blood Circulation, Finger And Hand Massager Helps To Accelerate Blood Circulation. Roll-Shaped With Ergonomic Design. Allows You To Enjoy A Massage At Home Conveniently. Makes Your Fingers More Slender, And Keeps The Hand Skin Smooth. Perfect For The People Who Are Using The Computer For A Long Time. Round Ticker Design, Tactility Comfortable, Applicable To Any Part Of The Hand.

Relaxing Tendons, Promote The Blood Circulation. The Related Points On Hand, Massage For A Long Time In Computer Operation, Joints, Hand Numb Stomach Can Effectively Relieve Symptoms.

Massager Allows You To Easily Have A Beautiful Curve Of Finger Y Character Modeling, Massage Convex Granules, Gently Pinch Your Fingers, Each Roll, To Create Beautiful Finger, Treat Yourself To An Invigorating Massage. This Roller Massage Is An Easy And Relaxing Way To Soothe Your Tired Fingers After A Long Day.

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VBC 5045
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