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Visiono Acupressure Tool Kit Combo

Brand : Visiono

Description : Energy Ball (Pointed) : Best for middle part of palm and finger relaxation. Pointed ball give us sharp and fast massage. Improves digestive system & effective in palm sweating. It is made by high quality material.

Pocket Exerciser : It is compact, effective & small equipment with tiny Acupressure points. It helps to reduce Headaches, mental tension, sinuses, insomnia depression, increase memory, improves digestion and cures stomach disorders.

Sujok Ring (Silver) : For pressure of your Fingers Points. Use: Roll it in finger with mild pressure. Designed for thorough stimulation of the finger toes. Regular application enhances your blood circulation & promotes effectiveness on the organ at large.

Acu-Magnatic Roller (Pyramidal) : Use on the neck, back, legs & hands to relax the muscles, increase the blood circulation & to warm up the body. There will be no side effects. EASY MASSAGE WITH HANDLE CONSCIOUS BODY; BEST FOR TOTAL HEALTH; Built in with – MAGNETIC ACUPRESSURE PYRAMID

Hand Roll (Soft point) : Pressing all points of Hand and Finger at a time. Roll it over responsive center (hand & foot). The roller is a useful device which is used to stimulate the acupressure points located in the hands. By doing so, it is said to benefit various systems in the body such as, aiding blood circulation, improving digestion, renewed energy and pain relief. Do this for about 3-5 minutes daily, before meal times for best results.

Thumb Jimmy : For pressure by Thumb. Use thumb jimmy to press the reflex point of the body. It Stimulates the blood circulation, recharge the organ. A plastic multi pointed headed implement mounted on the Thumb as a crown, are used for superficial stimulation of correspondence areas located on flat & rough surfaces like areas corresponding to our abdomen organs on the palm inner & rear side.

Cautions: Do not use any acupressure tools on broken, sore or bruised skin. Avoid using extreme pressure. If in doubt seek medical advice before use.

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