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Visiono Acupressure Spine Roller Body Massager

Brand : Visiono

Direction Of Use: Massage this Magnetic Spine Roller on all areas of your body for 10-15 minutes on a daily basis and enable the body’s bio-electric channels to flow properly.

Magnetic therapy is the application of external magnets on the human body for therapeutic effect. Use with slow and bearable, up and down pressure, on both side of the spinal column, from neck to hip and stroke can be extended up to leg.

The acupressure pressure given on points stimulates all the organs of the body to prevent disease and to maintain good health. This therapy also enables us to diagnose and cure the disease permanently. It can also be used as a massager Indications Backache and spine trouble also helps to increase height in children.

Tones up of spinal nerves and revitalizes total body. Its curved shape specially designed for firm grip and full pressure. 

Qty & Size: 1pc Acupressure Magnetic Curved Soft Spine Roller

Size : L*W*H : 20 x 9 x 10cm

FREE RINGS!!! 5pcs Su jok

Rings Size : 2.50 cm (Dia)

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VBC 5050
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