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Vedi Gudmar 500mg (15 Tablets)

Brand : VEDI

Gudmar (also called Madhunashini) is best known for its leaf extract to suppress the sweet receptors of the tongue. The active ingredient that causes this physiological reaction is gurmarin, a polypeptide made of 35 amino acids. Gymnemagenin, the main sapogenin in the leaves, yielded 3.9-4.6% of total Gymnemic acids. Gudmar extract is standardized to 25% gymnemic acid.


  • Lowers blood and urine sugar level.
  • Helps in regenerating the pancreatic beta cell.
  • Stimulates the production and activity of insulin.
  • Temporarily eliminates the taste buds desire for sugar.
  • Brings down high cholesterol level and manages triglyceride level.
  • Is useful for the treatment of hyperglycemia and anaemia.
  • Helps to increase the appetite and stimulate the liver for better functioning
  • Is used to treat problems like hyperglycemia, obesity, high cholesterol levels, anemia and digestion.

Gymnemic acids I-IX, Gymnemagenin, Sapogenins

Reduces blood sugar, regulates diabetes

  • Controls weight
  • Regulates blood lipid levels
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