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Vedi Arjuna 500mg (15 Tablets)

Brand : VEDI

The Arjun tree is a wonder plant and is found throughout the country. The tree bark is cardio tonic and effectively treats heart palpitation, angina and poor coronary circulation. This pure herb extract is in 10 times concentrate form.


  • Strengthens the heart muscle,
  • Regulates heartbeat and reduces cholesterol.
  • Prevents arteries from hardening and reduces blood pressure.
  • Eases blood flow in the coronary artery and reduces chances of clot formation.
  • As an anti-oxidant regulates diabetes.
  • Stops bleeding, reduces the frequency of urination (polyuria).
  • Helps in managing leucorrhea because of astringent action.
  • Protect DNA damage from toxins

Triterpene glycosides, Termiarjunoside I & II, Arjunetoside, Arjunolic acid

Keeps heart strong

  • Maintains healthy cholesterol levels
  • Fights cancer
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