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Teafloor Silver Buds Darjeeling White Tea - 100gm

Brand : Teafloor

Description : If you are looking to get acquainted with white teas then you can safely start here. This outstanding tea is a crafty blend of superior clonals giving out complex flavors to keep you piqued. The flavors are topped with a prominent citrusy note alongside typical floral-fruity flavors. This tea is a great way to enjoy and explore the prized Darjeeling whites and get a little ahead in your tea journey.

  • DRY LEAF : Sweet, marked by notes of tropical fruit, toasted nuts, hints of young wood and spice Mix of long, well rolled, dark olive green leaves with ample pale green buds with pubescence and olive green leaves.
  • INFUSION : Lifted notes of tropical fruits, orchid and hint of citrus Bright olive green leaves with few pale, unopened buds
  • LIQUOR : A typical first flush Darjeeling clonal, tastes incredibly crisp and bright. A long and clean raw fruity length, resembling unripe tropical fruits similar to guava can be perceived immediately and flows till the finish. Soft floral notes, resembling white flowers comes through right at the end and adds a silky feel on the palate.
  • HEALTH BENEFITS : "Maintains the natural glow of skin Keeps the body hydrated. Helps to get rid of bad breath "
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