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Teafloor Darjeeling Summer Classic Green Tea - 100gm

Brand : Teafloor

Description : The exotic and 100% Organic green teas from Selim Hill produce a flavorful cup with the characterictics of that classic green tea, at an irresistably good value. What’s not to like!

  • Dry Leaf : The dry leaf is is lightly-rolled and blackish-green with ochre hues representing the Organic nature of the tea.
  • Liquor : The liquor is light and astringent around the edges. Crisp notes of grilled greens dominate the cup while the earthyness of roasted grains add depth and body to the liquor.
  • Infusion : The infusion appears dark and bright green, giving off an aroma of grilled greens coupled with fresh sun-dried cherry tomatoes.
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