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Splat SS Blackwood Toothpaste 75 ml (Pack of 1)

Brand : Splat

BLACKWOOD has been specially created for those who desire maximum freshness of breath combined with gentle whitening from their toothpaste. It contains a cutting-edge combination of active ingredients that remove plaque formations and prevent them from re-ocuring. Charcoal, the ingredient that gives BLACKWOOD its black color, whitens and absorbs smells and stains to leave your teeth feeling crispy clean.

Powerful whitening and long lasting freshness Free from sles and sls, fluoride, triclosan, chlorhexidine Activated charcoal toothpaste Fluoride free Long lasting freshness The extract of juniper berries and a complex of active ingredients protect against bacteria and plaque The highly efficient biosol antiseptic prevents bacterial growth and maintains gum tone The toothpaste effectively and safely whitens teeth, inhibits bacterial growth and keeps your breath fresh It effectively protects against dental calculus and normalizes the ph in saliva, with a tart juniper flavor This highly effective black toothpaste was designed especially for those who need maximum freshness of breath, natural white healthy teeth

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