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Splat PS White Plus Toothpaste 100 ml (Pack of 2)

Brand : Splat

This Effective, total-care toothpaste contains innovative, safe whitening Sp.white system that is suitable for the most sensitive teeth. Rounded polishing particles in combination with whitening component Polydon and natural papaya enzymes noticeably whiten tooth enamel, break up dental plaque in hard-to-reach places and make teeth surface perfectly smooth and white for a long time, Potassium ions reduce hypersensitivity.

Safe whitening and enamel protection Significantly whitens your teeth Does not contain sles and sls, triclosan, chlorhexidine Natural toothpaste Paraben free toothpaste Fluoride toothpaste Fluoride ions provide an efficient protection against caries Perfect for coffee and tea fans and smokers Does not increase teeth sensitivity Whitening effect: 1. 5 Tones in four weeks of use

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