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Drakshamrutham Plus Honey - Pack of 3 (750ml Each)

Brand : Smart Health

Description : Drakshamrutham Plus is a blend of naturally fermented Organic Honey, Grapes and Herbals. It is an Ayurvedic Remedy for Weight Loss, Cough and Digestive Problems. Ideal Food For Growing Children And Adults.

Ingredient: Organic Honey, Grapes, Goose berry, Turmeric, Ginger, Sweet Basil, Brahmi & Herbals Drakshamrutham Plus is a blend of naturally fermented organic Honey, Grapes & Herbals. No preservatives colour or Chemical added.

Recommended Usage: 20ml. each morning & evening in empty stomach.

Best before 9 months the date of packing.

Nutritional Value: Energy : kcal/100g : 141 Protein : g/100g : 0.17 Fat : g/100g : 1.32 Carbohydrates : g/100g : 32.1 Sugar (as sucrose): g/100g : 2.19 Antioxidant : mg/100g : 2109 Polyphenols : mg/100g : 81.2

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