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Sirona Medium Flow Premium Digital Tampon - 12 Pcs

Brand : Sirona


Tampons are designed to be easily inserted into the vagina during menstruation& absorb the menstrual flow. They are made up of compressed layer of highly absorbent fibers.


  • Smooth cover for easier insertion
  • With twist-turn opening
  • Allows swimming
  • Curved grooves for reliable protection
  • Freedom of movement
  • Highly absorbent fibre
  • Prevents staining & menstrual odour
  • Highly discreet with no wet sensation
  • Comfortable& rash free protection


Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS) a rare but serious illness. The enclosed leaflet contains valuable information about TSS & its symptoms.

How to use

  • Wash hands and tear the protective foil open as indicated by the arrow, or slightly bend the tampon to break the foil open. Remove the bottom part of the protective foil.
  • Unwrap the tampon string and pull it, quickly and firmly.
  • Push your index finger into the hollow at the end of the tampon and remove the top part of the foil.
  • Insert the tampon into the vagina; this will be easiest if the body is relaxed.
  • Push the tampon into the vagina as far back as possible, at an angle. The tampon is inserted correctly when you can no longer feel it.
  • The tampon can be removed by slowly pulling the string downwards and forwards. Once the tampon has been removed, wash your hands.
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