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RUZ SKIN OINTMENT - Acne, Pimple Cream (Pack of 3)

Brand : Anju Pharmaceuticals

Zalim-X Ruz is a formulation that is prepared using testified Ayurvedic techniques and contains Neem extract, Sulphur (GANDHAK), Zinc Oxide (JASAT PUSHP), Boric Acid (TANKAN AMLA), Honge (KARANJ) Oil etc. This makes RUZ a guaranteed and effective cure for skin diseases, skin infections and normal wounds. Ruz acts in three ways as Protector, Healer and Antiseptic : PROTECTOR : Being an ointment base Ruz protects skin from being exposed to dust and infections HEALER : Jasat Pushp, Tankan Amla and Karanj Oil are strong germicides and thus makes healing quicker and effective ANTISEPTIC : Neem oil is time tested for its antiseptic properties. Hence, having the same in Ruz makes it useful as an antiseptic as well Indications when Ruz could be used: SKIN DISEASE: Pimples; Ulcers (Phode-Phunsi); Cracks on skin, heels, palms, under arms, nipples etc. SKIN INFECTION: Ringworm; Itches; Eczema;psoriasis etc SKIN INJURIES: Minor cuts; Burns; Boils; Scratches etc

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