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Renew Air Activated Coconut Charcoal Natural Air Purifier - 200 Gram

Brand : Renew Air

Description : RenewAir Purifier Bag is an eco-friendly Air Purifying Bag which is a natural alternative to chemical alternatives which contain harmful chemicals that pollute the air and lead to health problems, especially for the elderly, children and pets. The coconut-based activated carbon is fragrance and chemical Free, BPA-Free and Non-Toxic. This wholly natural product absorbs odors, indoor pollutants, allergens, VOC. This helps to make indoor air pure and safe reducing allergies, respiratory and asthmatic symptoms. 100g RenewAir Purifier Bag covers areas up to 50 square feet. Excellent for small spaces such as cars, closets, bathrooms, small office cabin, pet areas, children area, laundry rooms.

RECHARGE - in sunlight. REDUCE - indoor air pollution in a planet-friendly way. REUSE - up to 2 years. RECYCLE - comes from the earth and are entirely returned to earth again. RENEW - the planet.

Easy to use: Hang or place them in the bedroom, drawing room, children room, wardrobe, or just put in a corner of your car, fridge, etc. Place the bag where it will have the most airflow.

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