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Protinex Mama Chocolate flavour 400gm

Brand : Protinex

Mama Protinex The best nutrition for you during pregnancy Mama Protinex is a protein rich supplement that contains high quality protein and DHA which is essential for physical and brain development of the foetus. Besides protein and DHA, it also contains many essential nutrients and vitamins which play a significant role in your babies health and development. An unborn child is fully dependent on mother's intake and this is why Mama ProtineX should be a part of your daily diet. Mama Protinex contains high quality Protein and DHA.

What does Mama Protinex do? To answer your question, is a summary of the salient features of Mama Protinex. It bridges the protein gap completely as it Provides 24 gm of protein Provides 24 gm of protein Has combination of both milk & Soy protein Makes for complete protein, PDCAAS = 1 It supplements the DHA requirement as it Provides 60mg DHA Is elemental for brain growth & development of baby Bridges the folic acid gap completely coz, Only 12% of the daily requirement of folic acid is met Deficiency causes serious birth defects in the new born Folic acid supplementation during peri-conceptual period reduces risk by 72% Mama Protinex contains both Milk and Soy Protein. Mama Protinex also provides other essential nutrients such as - Iron, Vitamins A, C, B2, B12, folic acid, copper, zinc, magnesium which are significant for blood cell formation and help prevent anaemia. Calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, zinc, vitamin A, D & C which are important for skeletal development of the foetus & to maintain mother's bone health. The recommended nutrition.3 glasses of Mama Protinex daily, bridges the protein gap completely. It has a unique combination of milk and soy protein. Recommended DHA supplementation - 3 glasses of Mama Protinex daily provides 60mg DHA which is fundamental to the growth & development of the baby. And, the source of DHA is vegetarian.

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