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Preserva Wellness Daily Calm Tea 50gm

Brand : Preserva Wellness

Daily Calm tea is a unique blend of whole flowers including Lavender, Rose, Chamomile, Hibiscus with Licorice, Lemongrass, Mint, Assam Green Tea and Valerian. It is an aromatic tea used for relaxing the mind and body and relieving stress and anxiety. Licorice root is an adaptogenic herb which helps you adapt to stress and is for long term stress and adrenal gland fatigue. Valerian has sedative and anti-anxiety properties which provides a good night’s sleep and reduces anxiety and blood pressure. Polyphenols in Assam green tea produces a calming effect and combat anxiety and stress.

Lemongrass tea is excellent for helping you sleep well, feel more relaxed and avoid insomnia. The scent of lemongrass also has pleasant, relaxing effect on the senses. Rose is useful in calming nervous tension, cell rejuvenation and fighting depression and reduces the chances of Alzheimer’s. Chamomile soothes tension, alleviates headache and calms the mind. It reduces effects of anxiety, depression and insomnia.

Mint leaves are a natural muscle relaxant and ease build-up of tension in the body. Hibiscus contains vitamins and minerals which have antidepressant properties and calm the nervous system, reduce anxiety and depression. Lavender is considered a nervous system restorative flower that helps improve sleep, restlessness, irritability, panic, attacks, feeling of turning in the stomach and nervous tension.

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