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Preserva Wellness Daily Boost Tea 100gm

Brand : Preserva Wellness

Daily Boost Tea is a combination of Assam Green Tea, Ginger, Liquorice, Cinnamon, 95% Curcumin (Turmeric), Cloves, Cardamom, Long Pepper, Nutmeg and Black Pepper. It provides an extra energy boost, maintains alertness, promotes wakefulness and has a refreshing aroma of delicious spices. It provides you with stamina and makes your mind alert turning a drowsy and lethargic mood into wakefulness and increase your productivity. It directly simulates your central nervous system and hence leaves you feeling energized overall. Polyphenols in Assam Green Tea improve brain function, make you smarter and alert and are an antioxidant. Ginger stimulates the circulatory system and brain and helps in clearing the mind. Licorice or Mulethi restores the adrenal glands which get worn out by too much stress and stabilizes blood sugar levels so you don't experience an 'energy crash'.

Cinnamon contains nutrients like iron, calcium, manganese and Vitamin K that give you instant energy. Turmeric and Curcumin lower fatigue and boosts your overall energy. Cloves have antioxidant properties and can stop free radical damage and reduce oxidative stress. Elaichi or Cardamom is good for curing stomach problems. Long Pepper improves functioning of the brain and memory and helps in regulating the flow of oxygen throughout the body. Nutmeg improves concentration and produces energy in the body and is used to balance enzymes believed to be the cause of many psychological and neurological disorders including stress and depression. Black pepper is also an important part of this composition as it increases the bio-availability of Curcumin and helps the body absorb it instead of passing it as waste along with improving digestion.

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