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Ponds Age Miracle Night Cream 50gm

Brand : Ponds

The secret to look up to 10 years younger is here. Pond's Age Miracle Night Cream- for wrinkle-less skin with reduced lines & age spots. Let your skin renew itself while you sleep! Now recapture the youthful radiance of your skin. The Pond's Age Miracle Overnight Repair Cream is a moisture-rich cream that works hard to repair damaged skin and promote cell renewal. Enriched with Intelligent Pro-Cell Complex, CLA and collagen, this formula leaves you with smooth and soft skin. It works deep inside to reduce lines, wrinkles and age spots; giving you smoother, younger-looking skin on the outside in just 2 weeks. Regular use of the Pond's Age Miracle Night Creme shows spectacular results- a youthful skin that is free from dullness and signs of ageing.

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