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Pearlie White OralPicks 110 Toothpicks in a Slim Case with Mirror

Brand : Pearlie White


Once we started trying to make our OralPicks better than traditional wooden picks, we found it hard to stop. First, we made them out of a durable plastic so they don't splinter. Then we added a safe rounded tip to protect your gums. And a flexible neck to help you get to those hard to reach areas. Even the containers are smart. OralPicks 110s comes in a slim case with a mirror inside the container for you to check on your teeth. The slim case contains 22 picks while the refill case contains 88 picks.


Unique oral pick design Effectively removes food particles and plaque trapped in between teeth. One end of pick features a slim blade like shape that effectively removes food/plaque stuck between teeth. The other end of pick comes with a flexible neck that helps to remove food/plaque trapped in the back and hard-to-reach areas of mouth. Splinter-proof plastic Made of polyethylene plastic that doesn't splinter like traditional wooden picks. Smart containers Comes with two refillable containers. A compact one that holds 20 picks and that you can bring everywhere with you in your pocket and that has a mirror that flips out from the side of the container. A larger one that holds 90 picks and that you can leave at home. Animal Friendly Not tested on animals and does not contain ingredients of animal origin.


Use after each meal to keep teeth and gums healthy. Gently slide the pick end between teeth and along the gum line. Bend the flexible brush tip to reach the back and hard-to-reach areas of mouth.

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