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NutroActive Popped Quinoa Gluten Free 180 gm

Brand : NutroActive
  1. CORRECT DIET - Appropriate Diet Intake is the best way to remain healthy. If you have any queries regarding the product and diet, you may call our Nutritionist before and after purchase at NUTROACTIVE CUSTOMER CARE NO. given on the box.
  2. 100% GLUTEN FREE - Many people are allergic to Gluten. Quinoa is in high demand worldwide because although it is not a grain, it tastes like grain. Quinoa is great choice for gluten free healthy diet because it contains several nutrients.
  3. POPPED QUINOA RAITA – You must have made boondi raita at home. In the similar way you can make popped Quinoa Raita also. As boondi is fried, you might get oil taste and sometimes it smells rancid. Just add popped quinoa at the end of preparation directly after adding spices to the churned curd and get delicious popped quinoa Raita.
  4. SOUPS – Popped quinoa is a very good gluten free replacement for bread crumbs in soup. Bread is made up of wheat which contains gluten. Popped quinoa is equally crunchy and tasty. Tomato soup with popped quinoa and a little cinnamon powder tastes great.
  5. BREAKFAST CEREAL – Popped quinoa can be added to milk along with corn flake or oats. You can use popped quinoa separately also. Try this simple breakfast recipe. Take 1 glass slightly warm milk; add some honey to sweeten it. Add natural cocoa powder to get chocolaty flavor. Now add crunchy popped quinoa and your healthy breakfast is ready.
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