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NutroActive Lipoquick Bullet Fat Burner (30 Tablets)

Brand : NutroActive
  1. Diet Plan with no Calorie Restriction - A 30 days Diet Plan is provided free of cost along with the product which compulsorily needs to be followed for best results You need to follow a Low Carbohydrate Diet Plan along with Lipolyzer Tummy Tablet wherein you need to avoid mainly grains & sugar. While following the Diet Plan there is no restriction on calories, only carbohydrates needs to be restricted.
  2. Boosting Metabolism - If you tend to gain weight easily but find it very difficult to lose weight, then you are probably suffering from slow metabolism. LipoQuick provides natural ingredients which helps in boosting metabolism. It regulates the function of thyroid gland and improves the speed of metabolism in the body.
  3. Natural ingredients - Dry Skin, dry hair, facial puffiness, cold hands, cold feet, constipation etc are symptoms of underactive thyroid. LipoQuick Bullet is one of the best Weight Management Product which provides natural ingredients & nutrients like tyrosine, selenium, zinc, iodine, vitamin A which helps thyroid gland in maintaining normal body temperature and boosting metabolism and thereby helps in fat loss & inch loss
  4. Low Dopamine - People with low Dopamine feel less energetic and depressed while people with healthy level of Dopamine feel energetic. LipoQuick Bullet contains Tyrosine Amino Acid which works as raw material for production of dopamine in our body. Tyrosine is useful in conditions like stress, cold, fatigue, prolonged work and sleep deprivation.
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