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Nutroactive Lipolyzer Hips & Thighs Tablet For Weight Management 30 Tablets

Brand : NutroActive
  1. Diet Plan with no Calorie Restriction - A 30 days Diet Plan is provided free of cost along with the product which compulsorily needs to be followed for best results You need to follow a Low Carbohydrate Diet Plan along with Lipolyzer Tummy Tablet wherein you need to avoid mainly grains & sugar. While following the Diet Plan there is no restriction on calories, only carbohydrates needs to be restricted.
  2. Target Area Weight Loss- Lipolyzer Hips & Thighs is one of the best Weight Loss Product; It contains several natural ingredients like DIM, Vitex, Red Clove, Zinc which helps in reducing estrogen dominance and helps in Weight Loss from target area from Hips & Thighs.
  3. 100% Natural- Active ingredients of Garcinia Cambogia HCA (Hydroxycitric Acid) in Lipolyzer Hips & Thighs reduces absorption of carbohydrates in the body thereby helps in weight loss, fat loss & inch loss and acts as a Fat Burner.
  4. Weight Management - Excess of Estrogen in Men may lead to fat deposition on chest (Men Boobs) & Hips, enlargement of prostate gland (BPH) and Erectile Dysfunction. Lipolyzer Hips & Thighs contains Grape Seed Extract which helps in reducing estrogen level. Therefore helpful for men weight loss also.
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