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Nutroactive Lipolyzer Fat Burning Oil (225 Ml)

Brand : NutroActive
  1. Appropriate Diet Plan With Required Nutritional Dietary Supplements Is The Best Way To Lose Weight; Areas Like Tummy, Hips, Thighs, Double Chin, Arms, Love Handles Etc Are Major Areas Where Fat Gets Deposited Due To Several Hormonal Imbalances. Massage With Lipolyzer Oil Helps In Reaching Out To Those Fat Pockets And Destroying Those Fat Cells, Giving Bright & Toned Skin And Helps Fighting Stubborn Fat.
  2. Active Ingredients Of Lipolyzer Oil Like Clove Oil, Cinnamon Cassia And Piper Nigrum Oil Acts As Vasodilator And Helps In Increasing Blood Circulation On Applied Area. Increased Blood Circulation Increases Body'S Metabolism Which Helps In Mobilization Of Stored Fat And Lipolysis.
  3. Adequate Diet With Regular Massage With Lipolyzer Fat Burning Oil Not Only Helps In Weight Loss, Reducing Cellulite, Unwanted Body Fat And Stretch Marks But Also Helps In Keeping Skin Soft, Smooth, Supple And Shiny.

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