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NutroActive FLAX SEEDS Raw Whole (Alsi) 250 gm

Brand : NutroActive
  1. Flax Seeds Are The Richest Source Of Omega 3 Fatty Acids.;Low Carb Snacks, Just 1% Net Carb (Total Carb 28% - Fibers 27% = 1% Net Carb). Low Carb Snack Is Not Easily Available Because Almost All The Snacks Available In The Market Are Made Up Of Grains And Are High In Carbohydrate Which Leads To Weight Gain And Other Health Related Problems Flax Seed Is A Healthy Option For Snacks.
  2. Flax Seeds Contains More Than 18 G Protein Per 100 G. It'S An Excellent Source Of Protein For Vegetarians As Even Egg Provide 14 G Protein Per 100 G.;Flax Seed Is Very Rich Source Of Fiber; It Provides 27G Of Fiber Per 100G. People Having Chronic Long Term Constipation Should Add Flax Seed In Their Diet.
  3. Fiber And Oil Content In Flax Seed Helps Making The Stool Soft And Easy To Move.;Maintaining Good Health Requires Constant Check On Your Eating Habits; Hence Selection Of Appropriate Snacks Becomes Necessary. Flax Seed Is A Great Food With High Nutritional Value.
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