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NutroActive Cytofresh Tablet Antioxidant (Natural Detoxifier) 30 tablets

Brand : NutroActive
  1. If you have any queries regarding the product and diet, you may call our Nutritionist before and after purchase at NUTROACTIVE CUSTOMER CARE NO. given on the pack.
  2. Antioxidants are of 2 types - Water Soluble and Fat Soluble; Water Soluble Antioxidants work inside the cell (cytosol) and Fat soluble antioxidants work on the surface of the cell (cell membrane). Cytofresh tablet provides both Water soluble Antioxidant like Vitamin C, bioflavonoids and Glutathione and Fat soluble antioxidants like Vitamins A, Vitamin E, carotenoids and alpha lipoic acid. Hence Cytofresh tablet provides complete protection from free radicals.
  3. Clearing the free radicals and toxins from body is important while losing weight. When you lose weight or burn fat either through diet or exercise, in the process your body generates some free radicals because of the breakdown of the fat cells. Cytofresh Tablet provides an army of antioxidants which helps protecting your body from these free radicals.
  4. Antioxidants can also help in reducing appearance of wrinkles and fine line on skin giving it a youthful appearance. Coenzyme Q-10 is a common skin-firming antioxidant. While Melanin gives dark colour to skin, Glutathione (Antioxidant) helps in whitening the skin by blocking the production of melanin. Cytofresh tablet provides the benefit of both Coenzyme Q10 and Glutathione which helps in getting bright and toned skin.
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