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NutroActive Chia Salvia Hispanica Seeds, 250g (Black) Pack of 1

Brand : NutroActive
  1. Correct diet - maintaining health requires constant check on your eating habits. Appropriate diet intake is the way to remain healthy. If you have any queries regarding the product and diet, you may call our nutritionist before and after.
  2. Just 28g chia seed provide 4g protein, 9g fat, 11g fiber, almost zero carb, calcium about 18% of our daily requirement, magnesium about 30% of our daily requirement and several other vitamins and minerals. Chia seed contains huge amount of antioxidants. It contains 3 times more antioxidant than blueberries. Anti-oxidants fights with free radicals to protect us from various diseases. This makes it among world's superfood.
  3. Low carb food - chia seeds is a low carbohydrate food. Effectively chia seed contains just 8% carbohydrate. Walnuts and chia seeds contains same 8% carbohydrate. Chia seed is a great option for people who want to reduce their carbohydrate intake.
  4. High fiber - chia seed is one of the highest fibers containing food on the earth. People who don't take enoug.
  5. fibers are normally constipated. Intake of 10-20 g chia seed daily with large amount of water helps in reliving chronic constipation. Additional benefit of using chia seed is that it contains amount of fat which lubricate intestine and helps in easy bowl movement.

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