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Nutree Pure Happy Belly Acidity, Digestion and Constipation 3 in 1 Herbal Syrup (500ml)

Brand : Nutree Pure

Description : Get lasting relief from the dual menaces of acidity and gas with Happy Belly which is an ayurvedic supplement for acidity and gas. Get rid of the burning sensation and accompanied discomfort that makes you regret every meal you savour. Enriched with special healing medicinal plants & ingredients like Trivirt, Bhringaraja, Guduchi and Yashtimadhu as recommended by ayurveda; the quick relief formulation help eliminate the core cause of your trouble within seconds! Happy Belly neutralizes excess acidity and prevents heart-burns. It contains natural ingredients that are refrigerants, carminative, stomachic, coolant healers and helps in checking flatulence and vomiting.

Item Details:

  • ACIDITY RELIEF : Neutralizes the stomach acid & Provides effective relief from acidity and Provide relief from acid indigestion, upset stomach, sour stomach and heartburn.
  • INDIGESTION RELIEF : Helps in indigestion that results from too much acid in the stomach due to Spicy Food Consumption II Helps manage GERD (Gastro-Esophageal-Reflux-Disease)
  • COOLANT & REFRIGERANT: Is an excellent coolant and refrigerant
  • RELIEF FROM ACIDITY DUE TO : Smoking and alcohol consumption II Over intake of tea and coffee II Stress and hypertension II Excessive intake of fatty and spicy foods II Consumption of large meals
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