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NottyBoy Condoms - 3 In 1 Ribbed | Dotted | Contour Multi Textured (3x10s)

Brand : NottyBoy


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About NottyBoy Multi Textured (Sex-O-metry) Condom:

We know the value of enticement, sensations, pleasure, and moods. To make you feel it a little bit more, our Notty Boy’s Multi-textured combo with more than extra dots, ribbed and more contoured surface is your road to paradise. Feel something more!

Why NottyBoy Condoms:

Notty Boy condoms won’t just intensify your precious moments of lovemaking but it will give you an extra edge over your fantasies and drooling pleasures. Our condoms are for everyone who loves to get a bit cheesy during their love session with acing safeness. They are made to stretch your moments for longer and hotter sessions. Whether you’re using dotted, extra dotted, flavoured and slim feel, Notty Boy is sure to make you go on a roll.


For Single Use Only. If Used Properly, Condoms Can Help Reduce The Risk Of Transmission Of HIV (AIDS) & Many Other Sexual Transmitted Infections (STI). However No Method Of Contraception Can Give You 100% Protection Against Pregnancy, HIV Or STD's. For Optimal Security The Product Should Be Placed In A Cool Dry Place Away From Sunlight.

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