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Mirah Belle Naturals Goat Milk, Cinnamon Purifying Soap 30gm

Brand : Mirah Belle Naturals

Acne is scary! That ugly thing can pop up anytime without any notice and destroy your dream date. One solution to prevent acne is to maintain a healthy diet and to keep your skin clean at all time. To do the latter, we recommend you to use the Goat Milk Cinnamon Purifying Soap. The soap helps to reduce skin inflammation and prevents acne formation. It is ideal for someone with oily and infection-prone skin. Do not be afraid of side effects as we use completely organic ingredients like herbs and natural oils in making the soap. They are sure as hell chemical free!


Sunflower oil,  Cinnamon Powder, Cinnamon essential oil, Goat Milk Soap Base.

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