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MamyPoko kids Pants kids1 girls pack 14

Brand : Mamypoko

As babies get older and reach the age of 2 yrs, their cognitive abilities grow and they start to have likes and dislikes of their own and as a result start to dislike wearing diapers as they feel that diapers are for babies. Their bladder capacity also increases, allowing it to hold larger amount of liquid. This also means that the diaper capacity needs to increase accordingly. However, this just makes their mothers job harder and adds more to her worry especially about things like bed wetting, which might interrupt the kids sleep and cause discomfort. After all, when they are awake, kids can always communicate the urge to urinate in one way or the other, but that is not the case when they are asleep. MamyPoko Pants understands a mothers worries and introduces Kids Pants, a disposable underwear introduced specially for these kids. These comfortable pants provide a happy, comfortable sleep to the child and have Overnight Absorption of up to 500ml so that the child can sleep in peace. With Breathable Cotton and different designs customized according to both girls in pink and boys in blue, so that your little ones feel like wearing them readily, these disposable underpants will return the smile that has been missing from both of your faces.

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