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MamyPoko Antibacterial baby Wipes 50 sheets

Brand : Mamypoko

A mothers first instinct guides her in the direction of what is best for her baby especially when it comes to her babys emotional and physical well-being. For a mother who likes to go for walks with her baby, keeping her baby hygienic and happy can be challenge especiaqlly with all the germs and bacteria that are present in the surroundings. Every mother wants to be prepared to fight these germs for her babys sake and to not let these germs harm her baby, but she is not able to do so since the fear of the wipes having alcohol is overwhelming and mothers are worried that they might harm the babys skin. MamyPoko admires this protective instinct and has helped them by introducing Antibacterial Wipes, the alcohol free, pleasantly fragrant solution, that gives the mother and the baby a feeling of freshness and cleanliness, cleanses germs and bacteria effectively from a babys skin and makes sure that every time the baby smiles, the bond between the mother and her baby strengthens.

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