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Libra Ayur Lab IQ Drops 25ml

Brand : Libra Ayur Lab

Description: IQ Drop is a very beneficial herbal remedy for memory loss. This is also useful for the treatment as well as it is also used as brain tonic. IQ Drops  useful in improving memory, intelligence and mind power this is a excellent herbal remedy produced by Libara ayurleb  pharmacy.

Key Ingredients of IQ Drops as per their Sanskrit or the Indian names are:

  1. Suvarna Lavan
  2. Keshar
  3. Madhu (Shahadi)
  4. Brahmi
  5. Shankhapushpi
  6. Vach
  7. Jirak
  8. Ajowain
  9. Suva
  10. Kalamegh
  11. Ashthi Shrunkhala
  12. Kalamegh
  13. Jyotishmati

IQ Drops is extremely beneficial in following conditions:

  1. IQ Drops used as brain tonic and memory enhancer.
  2. IQ Drops is useful in memory loss and in increasing intelligence.
  3. Cures various mental disorders like loss of memory, insomnia, headache, irrigative temperament and epileptic fits.
  4. Cools down your brain. Thus calming down your mind and removes the stress and strain from it.
  5. Cures excessive dreams, negative thinking, depression & uneasiness.
  6. IQ Drops is useful in case of loss of memory in old persons or for those people who forget things very easily.
  7. Builds your self confidence & enthusiasm to perform any task. It provides you with the mental strength to perform even the most difficult tasks.
  8. IQ Drops is a mental tonic & should be used regularly for promoting memory and wisdom.
  9. Very useful and beneficial for students and intellectuals.
  10. Does not have any side effects. Increases the mental strength.
  11. IQ Drops increases the activity of the nervier system it also enhances the nervous capabilities of the brain.
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