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Lemon Essential Oil 10ml

Brand : Ancient Living
ORGANIC LEMON ESSENTIAL OIL PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Lemon essential oil is called 'liquid sunshine' for a reason. It’s fresh, citrusy scent has mood uplifting properties which can wash away your blues. When massaged into your skin, it can give you a clearer complexion. When used as a perfume it can mask bad odors and leaves you smelling fresh. When used as a bath oil it can rejuvenate and gently cleanse your skin. Use it as a massage oil to improve blood circulation. Diffuse this citrusy charm that can clear your mind when you are feeling stressed. It can bring clarity of thought in anxious situations. INGREDIENTS Lemon Essential Oil is obtained by the cold compression of fresh lemon fruit peels. It has a sharp yet fresh smell. Our lemons come straight out of our sustainable, organic farm which makes our essential oil pure and therapeutic grade. BENEFITS SKIN AND HAIR BENEFITS Lemon essential oil, when added to your bath water can rejuvenate and gently cleanse your skin as well as activate your mind. It cleanses your skin from deep within the pores. It is full of antioxidants and vitamin C. These properties of lemon oil fight off acne-causing germs. Add a few drops of it to your homemade facial mask or scrub and apply! Lemon essential oil has astringent properties that reduce excess sebum on the skin by shrinking large pores. Make your own homemade facial toner by adding a few drops of this oil to your own, unique recipe. Lemon essential oil also removes greasiness on your scalp and hair by soaking up excess oil from the hair follicles and strands. Make sure to add few drops of this oil to your homemade hair mask the next time! The skin brightening benefits of lemon oil help in getting rid of blemishes, fading acne scars, fighting acne and balancing the skin’s natural pH. Lemon essential oil can act as an excellent deodorant. It has a fresh clean scent that masks any bad odors and absorbs sweat and sebum as well as refreshes your skin! Lemon essential oil also has antibacterial properties that keep the bacteria away. NOTE: For using lemon essential oil for skin and hair, dilute it by using carrier oil (cold pressed almond oil, jojoba oil, grape seed oil). A few drops will be sufficient to massage it into your skin. Whereas for hair, use it as per the need or requirement. HEALTH BENEFITS Lemon oil aromatherapy is a natural way to reduce pain. The steam inhalation of this oil helps to reduce pain signals in the brain. It enhances mood and concentration. Add a few drops to your vaporizer and diffuse it. In aromatherapy it is used to shrug off anxiety and stress. Diffuse it to avail its antidepressant benefits. Lemon oil is a natural anti-septic, it can be used to clean minor wounds to prevent infection. You can add a drop of it to a carrier oil and apply it on superficial cuts, scrapes and burns to speed up the healing process. It has refreshing properties which can activate your mind. This benefit of lemon oil can accessed by using it as a bath oil. HOUSEHOLD BENEFITS It has antiseptic, antifungal, and disinfectant qualities which make it a green cleaning alternative to other chemical cleaners. Add a few drops to a bucket of warm water and clean away. Its bleaching properties make it perfect for laundry purposes. Add a few drops of it to your laundry detergent to brighten your whites. You can eliminate bad odor and instantly refresh your indoor spaces by diffusing our lemon essential oil.
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