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Brand : L-PRO

Facts of L Pro Plus:

  • L-Pro Plus is an idal nutrition Supplement for all. L-Pro Plus whey protein rich. whey, the co-product of cheese production, is a rich source of BC As* that helps in faster tissue growth.


  • is important for optimal growth of foetus brain, eye, and nervous system development and supports a healthy pregnancy.
  • PDCAAS value of whey protein- 1.00 (PDCASS -Protein Digestability corrected amino acid score)

BCAAs: Branches chain Amino Acids
DHA: Docosahexanoic acid

Direction for use:

  • Mix 2 Table spoons full (approx 30g) of L-Pro plus with a little cold water of milk to make a smooth paste.
  • Add Hot or cold water or milk to make up a glass.

Nutrition Facts: Each 100g contains approximately

Carbohydrate 55 gm
Fat 2 gm
Trans Fat 0 gm
Cholesterol 0 gm
Gluten 0 gm
Calories 358 Kcl
Whey Protein 35% 30 g


  • Sugar, skimmed Milk powder, whey protein concentrate, Omega-3-fatty acids mnerals, Vitamins, Preservatives and added flavours.
  • Store in a cool dry place, keep the container tightly closed
  • Use within 20 days after opening the seal

Product Details:

CompositionWith Whey protein and DHA ,Growth,Development & Revitality,Vanilla Flavour Powder

Net Weight: 200g

Flavour: Vanilla

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