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Kara Wipes Nail Polish Remover Orange 30 Wipes

Brand : Kara

Description: Each wipe contains an Acetone free formulation for effective removal of nail polish,   even of the darkest shade. These wipes are made from poly-viscose fibre and contain natural olive oil extracts that prevents drying of nail and skin surrounding nails. Enriched with skin nourishing vitamin E, it helps in keeping your nails nourished and moisturized at all times.

Applying a new colour on-the-go is now easier. Kara Orange Nail Polish Remover Wipes are an essential that can be used anywhere, anytime. Acetone free and with the power of tangy orange, these wipes naturally brighten your nails leaving an envious afterglow. With Kara, a new coat of nail polish is just a wipe away!

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