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Jilichem SCK-12 First Aid Kit (Workplace)

Brand : Jilichem

This Kit Contains:

  • Snake bite lancet:-1 Pc
  • Jaa fiver:-10 Tab
  • Jaa ache:-10 Tab
  • Jaa vomit:-10 Tab
  • Jaa mosan:-10 Tab
  • Jaa pain:-10 Tab
  • Jaa burn tube :-10 Gm
  • Jaa pain tube :-10 Gm
  • Wooden splinter set- small:-3 set
  • ORS powder pouch 4.5 GM:-4.5 Gm
  • Jaa cold Rub:-5 Gm
  • Cadress eye pad:-1 Pc
  • Eye wash Cup:-1 Pc
  • Needle:-1 Pc
  • Pair of Sizzer:-1 Pc
  • Belladona plaster:-1 Pc
  • Ear Buds:-10 Pc
  • Adhesive tape:-1 Pc
  • Sugar (Pharma Grade):-1 Pouch
  • Salt (Pharma Grade):-1 Pouch
  • Saff solution:-50 Ml
  • Dressing gauze pad small:-1 Pc
  • Dressing pad small:-1 Pc
  • Dressing oint tube :-10 Gm
  • Jaa Septic solution:-50 ml
  • Dressing Finger Bandage 1 inch:-1 Pc
  • Dressing Hand Bandage 2 inch:-1 Pc
  • Dressing Leg Bandage 3 inch:-1 Pc
  • Dressing body Bandage 4 inch:-1 Pc
  • Self adhesive medicated aid long:-2 Pc
  • Self adhesive medicated aid square:-2 Pc
  • Self adhesive medicated aid round:-2 Pc
  • Boric acid:-8 Gm
  • Hand gloves:-1 Pc
  • Forcep:-1 Pc
  • Dressing absorbunt cotton :-1 Pc

This Kit ideal use for the Work Place Factory adn other Work area. Wall hanging, also with handal to carry red cross symbol on front can visible from 50ft self can open up to 70 degree.

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