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Jilichem SCK-11 First Aid Kit (Workplace)

Brand : Jilichem

This Kit Contain:

  • Saff solution:-50 Ml
  • Jaa fiver tab:-10 Tab
  • Jaa ache tab:-10 Tab
  • ORS powder pouch :-4.5 Gm
  • Jaa cold Rub:-5 Gm
  • Eye wash Cup:-1 Pc
  • Needle:-1 PC
  • Pair of Sizzer:-1 Pc
  • Belladona plaster:-1 PC
  • Ear Buds:-10 Pc
  • Adhesive tape:-1 Pc
  • Sugar (Pharma Grade):-1 Pouch
  • Salt (Pharma Grade):-1 Pouch
  • Dressing gauze pad small:-1 Pc
  • Dressing pad small:-1 Pc
  • Dressing oint tube :-10 Gm
  • Jaa Septic solution:-50 Ml
  • Dressing Finger Bandage 1 inch:-1 Pc
  • Dressing Hand Bandage 2 inch:-1 Pc
  • Dressing body Bandage 4 inch:-1 Pc
  • Self adhesive medicated aid long:-2 Pc
  • Self adhesive medicated aid square:-2 Pc
  • Self adhesive medicated aid round:-2 Pc
  • Boric acid:-8 Gm
  • Forcep:-1 Pc
  • Dressing absorbunt cotton:-1 Pc
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