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Healthvit Karela With Jamun Juice 500ml

Brand : Healthvit


Benefits of Healthvit Karela Jamun Juice Rich in bovine insulin like guramrin. Helps in immunity enhancement, sugar metabolism, blood disorders, stomach worms and antimicrobial activity Enriched with extract of jamun Extracted from Himalayan wild karela fruit and leaves Processed with unique art of technology to conserve all natural properties of karela.

Control Blood & Urine Sugar Levels, Blood Purifier, Cures Diabetes, Diarrhea & Ringworm. Treats diabetes, diarrhea and ringworm, reduction of blood sugar level. Karela – Bitter Gourd contains hypoglycemics designated as ‘plant-insulin’ which has been found highly beneficial in lowering blood and urine sugar levels.

  • Metabolized Sugar.
  • Rich in Active Ingredient.
  • Enriched with Jamun seed Extract.
  • Extracted from Himalayan Karela.
  • Supplement for Calorie conscious.

Karela Jamun Juice is extremely beneficial for controlling blood sugar level. Possessing a chemical combination of alkaloids, peptides and sysadmins known as charantin, karela aids insulin secretion and neutralization of this vital hormone, preventing, frequent blood sugar drops and spikes.

Take 5 to 6 teaspoons of Healthvit Karela Jamun Juice mixed with a glass of water empty stomach morning and in the evening. Take a gap of 30 minutes to the next meal or drink.

Karela (Bitter gourd ) Fruit Juice 89%, Jamun seeds extract 10%, Acidity regulator (E-330).

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