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Gur Sooji Halwa/ Hava Kesari/Jaggery Semolina Dessert,100g

Brand : Dhampur Green

Description: Suji Ka Halwa/ Sooji Halwa/ Rava Sheera/ Indian Semolina pudding is enjoyed on religious occasions, as Prasad (offering to God) and after prayer, it is served to devotees as a blessing. Halwa is an arabic word but the art of making it has all the way from the Mediterranean Sea to the Bay of Bengal. Amongst the most of halwas are those made from semolina, or sooji, popularly called as sheera. Sheera is made from Semolina, roasted golden brown. We enhance traditional Indian sweets by substituting sugar with jaggery. Benefits of natural antioxidants and minerals from this wholesome sweetener are known for centuries. This halwa is only made with no preservatives or artificial chemicals or flavours. No Preservatives: Retort Pouch Processing Technology Product undergoes a unique sterilization process that extends the shelf life of the product inside while boosting the durability of the package itself. Both food and the retort package are able to withstand high temperatures, making this the perfect solution for gas-heated/ microwavable meals.

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