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Globus Naturals Rejuvenating Rose Water With Goodness Of Aloe Vera extract 100 ml (Pack Of 2)

Brand : Globus Naturals

Description : Globus Naturals 100% pure, steam distilled rose water is very gentle & mild on your skin. It helps awaken and tone dull skin.Not only does the inclusion of Globus rose water in your skin care routine would help balance the pH level of your skin but also leave it fresh, dewy and kissed by one of Nature’s most treasured flowers.Its pleasant, fresh scent uplifts the spirits and revitalizes the mind. It is very effective for sensitive, problem-prone skin, as both Aloe vera and Rose water have natural anti-inflammatory properties. Our organic rose water helps close skin pores thereby prevent the entry of dirt, dust particles and pimple-causing bacteria around us. The water helps to soothe skin, tone it, and keep it moisturized. Its versatility allows it to be combined with various products to suit the needs of each skin type.It is safe and effective for all skin types. 

  • It helps in maintaining skin pH level and also controls excess oil.
  • It has anti-inflammatory properties.
  • It's astringent like properties help in cleaning pores and tone the skin.
  • It hydrates the skin which makes your skin feel moisturized.
  • It reduces dark spots.

Usage : Put small amount of toner on a cotton ball or soft fabric and apply on cleansed face.Lightly spread the toner over your face and neck. Wait a minute for the toner to dry.Finish by applying any treatment products and moisturizer. Use toner twice daily.

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