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Vinners Healthcare Clear Heart Liquid 450 ML (Pack of 2)

Brand : Vinner's

Clear-Heart Liquid is a special formulation 100 % Natural and Pure herbs like Ginger, Garlic, Lemon, Apple Cider Vinegar Mother with Honey. Clear-Heart Liquid is specially formulated to manage the heart disease and is best suited for the people over 40+ years with a family history of a heart problem or for the aged people who desires to take extra care of their heart. Clear-Heart Liquid Help to prevent heart blockage and reduce high cholesterol and high blood pressure and improve your health, where 90% people get relief from symptoms in just 30-40 days Every bottle is made of 100% authentic and carefully executed! Without adding any preservatives and water.

100% guaranteed natural herbs. So buy it now for your future healthy lifestyle. This combination formula can be prepared in home but lack of knowledge how to prepare i.e. how to choose a herb, maintaining right temperature, choosing right type of vessels & time for processing makes it difficult to prepare at home which makes it ineffective. We have made this 100 % Pure and Natural Ginger, Garlic, Lemon, Apple Cider Vinegar Mother with Honey Clear-Heart Liquid it readily available for you.

Note: The above combination is made with 72 Hrs. continuous processes with MPT Technology (Molecular Protection Technology) which makes this formula more effective than the Homemade.

Benefits of Clear-Heart Liquid: Prevents the Formation of Blood Clots, Dilates Our Blood Vessels Maintains Healthy Blood Pressure People Diagnosed With Heart Blockage, Heart Disease Prevention for Any Heart Problems. Prevention of Repeated Heart Attacks Suffering From Constipation, Ulcers Keeps Cardiovascular Problems, Strokes, And Attacks at Bay Helps In Cleaning Arteries and Veins Helps In Cleaning Blockages From The Heart Without Any Operation Helps In Increasing Oxygen Flow to Heart Helps To Maintain and Reduce Cholesterol Naturally Helps To Control High BP Helps In Reducing Excess Weight & Increases The Metabolism.

Helps In Reducing Cough, Cold And Asthma. Helps In Relief Of Joint Pain, Cramps And Stiffness. Helps In A Cleansing Of Bladder, Kidneys, Blood, and Liver & Gallbladder Etc. People Who Cannot Afford By-Pass Surgery or Can't Go For By-Pass Surgery.

How to use – Take 2 tablespoon Clear-Heart Liquid with 1 Cup of warm water an empty stomach every morning.

Not to drink or eat anything for 30 minutes.

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