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ChaiSpa TRUPTI Green Tea | Tea For Digestive Health | 20 Pyramid Tea Bags

Brand : Teafloor

Description : In today’s time, eating out is a trend. People tend to neglect home cooked food and eat out, as it is fast and cheap. However, such fast, easy and cheap food may seem like a good idea, but it has adverse effects on both our pockets and bodies. Such eating habits can put immense pressure on the digestive system of a person.

The solution to this is ChaiSpa’s TRUPTI.

It is a unique blend of green tea with fennel, orange rind and lemon peel. The major health benefits of green tea with these ingredients include the strengthening of the digestive system and improvement in metabolism. The antioxidants of this blend help boost the digestion of heavy foods, which leave a person feeling lighter and brighter. The blend is encased in pyramid tea bags, which are made of a food grade nylon mesh. This spacious tea bag allows the blend to expand to its full extent and impart a light golden yellow colour with a sweet herbal flavour. The after meal benefits of tea is what TRUPTI is best known for. These green tea bags are an easy solution to support the digestive system after a scrumptious meal.

  • The base tea orignates from the foothill of the Himalayans and has been blended with some of the finest herbs and spices to give you a combination of the health benefits. Regular consumption of this tea will aid in the improvement of some of the common digestive ailments.
  • Bright geeen leaves with dominant aroma of fennel and cardamom spices and the infusion is brought alive with the presence of whole chamomile flower.
  • Bright, light yellowish golden liquor which has a very delicate & balanced mouthfill. It combines the goodness and taste of the selected herbs and spices to sooth your nerves and give you a calming effect at any time of the day.
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