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ChaiSpa SPOORTI Green Tea |Best Green Tea For Weight Management | 20 Pyramid Tea Bags

Brand : Teafloor

Description: For many people, maintaining a fit body is one of their goals. However, people end up treating fitness like an unachievable mission, rather than a change of lifestyle. However, it is time to turn fitness into a friend, rather than a doting aunt. A daily dose of the perfectly balanced blend of kokum flower, orange zest and blueberry along with green tea, is the right answer for this.

Spoorti is a healthy weight loss tea, which helps the body improve its agility, which in turn helps a person manage their weight. Its key ingredients are rich in ANTIOXIDANTS, CATECHINS and POLYPHENOLS, along with AMINO ACIDS.

Out of all the health benefits of green tea, Spoorti focuses on providing the body with agility and relief from joint pain. Packed into pyramid tea bags made from fine nylon mesh, this blend opens and expands its flavours into the cup with ease due to the spaciousness of the tea bag.

These green tea bags are an elixir for those who regularly workout, or perform physical activities. It keeps the body hydrated and allows a person to put in some extra hours into their physical activities by providing their bodies with vigour and enthusiasm.

  • DRY LEAF : Dry Leaf is a mix of dark green tea leaves accentuated by the bright green mango leaves and other dry herbs.
  • INFUSION : Infusion is dark green with notes of kokum flower.
  • LIQUOR : Light pinkish liquor has a well balanced taste of the Kokum Flower and blueberries followed by a mild zing of the Cinnamon bark.
  • INGREDIENTS : Stevia Leaves, White Sage, Orange Zest, Mango Leaves, Kokum Flower, Cinnamon, Ginger, Blueberry
  • HEALTH BENEFITS : Works as a joint solution for both lack of vigour and activeness. It provides the energy and agility to live a fit lifestyle by aiding in weight loss.
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