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ChaiSpa NIDRA Herbal Green Tea |Relieves From Insomnia | 20 Pyramid Tea Bags

Brand : Teafloor

Description : Work and the need to achieve something in life often end up taking a toll on the body. We slog our bodies and minds as machines of progress but often overlook the fact that machines need rest too. Too much stress or exhaustion can often lead to sleepless and restless nights. And in turn, an exhausted state like this can lead to an unproductive attitude.

While there are some solutions to relieving oneself from such exhaustion, an effortless way to relax is a cup of NIDRA green tea bags.

A delicate mélange of lavender, passion flower and chamomile blended with green tea, this wellness tea is the perfect answer to a physically and mentally draining day. Many of the major health benefits of green tea are derived from its key ingredients. While chamomile and lavender are known medicinal flowers with sedative properties, passion flower is known to relax muscles and help adults manage their sleep.

Out of all the tea for stress, Nidra is the best tea for sleep and anxiety. The blend unfurls into a golden yellow liquid that has a mild floral fragrance, mainly lavender. It is the best means to render a fully satisfying sleep.

  • DRY LEAF :The Green Tea leaves bloom into life because of the presence of Lavender flowers and the contrasting effect of chamomile.
  • INFUSION : Dark Green with hints of Chamomile yellow.
  • LIQUOR : The cup is golden yellow and taste of a boquie of flower accentuated by lavender which is aimed at enabling you to have a good sleep.
  • INGREDIENTS : Lemon Peel, Orange Rind, Passion Flower, Chamomile, Lavender, Ashwgandha, Shankhpushpi
  • HEALTH BENEFITS : Helps in calming the nerves and providing an entirely satisfying sleep to the drinker.
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