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Care Moringa + Giloy Green Tea with Spearmint - 15gm

Brand : Care

Description : 

Care Moringa & Giloy Green Tea with Spearmint to energize & improve metabolism. It helps regulate metabolism. Also supports immunity and body weight management.

Benefits of superfood Moringa are many, as it is a nutritional powerhouse by virtue of its Vitamins, Minerals, Iron and Protein content. A rich source of Calcium with anti-oxidant properties, Moringa improves bone and joint health.

Moringa leaf offers nutrition and contains: 8x iron of leafy greens, 1.5x protein of Pulses, 17x calcium of Milk, 7x Vit C of Strawberries. Care Moringa & Giloy organic Green Tea with lemongrass is the original blend with Moringa, Licorice, Ginger, lemongrass and lemon peels for complete relaxation and feeling great. Ready in just 2 steps, Spiced green tea is best enjoyed as a light brew without milk and sugar

Giloy is a wonder herb for boosting immunity, enhance calmness, digestion. It checks diabetes and arthritis, when taken regularly

Licorice also supports for allaying hyperacidity and optimizing gastric secretions for appetite

Ginger improves appetite, promotes digestion by natural digestive enzymes

  1. Moringa is known as superfood
  2. Moringa is enriched with calcium, iron, vitamins, proteins etc
  3. Beneficial for heart patients
  4. Useful for healthy bone and joints
  5. Improves digestive system
  6. Helpful in migraine
  7. Helps in sugar control
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