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Care 2in1 Japnese Matcha Tea - 140gm

Brand : Care

Description : 

Japanese Matcha 2in1 (Hot or Iced) Green Tea as Matcha is the purest form of organic Green Tea with ten times the health benefits. It is specially cultivated in shade covers, Green Tea leaves hand-picked and finally ground to make this nutrient rich superfood with anti-oxidant.

Matcha is known to burn calories, boost energy and metabolism, enhance calm, detoxify the body, and fortify the immune system lower cholesterol and blood sugar. People in Japan are known to live much longer than the rest of the world. 

One health reason that can be attributed is the consumption of potent anti-oxidant Japanese Matcha Green tea which is known to traditionally contain 10 times more effective anti-oxidant protection as traditional Green Teas.

  • Helps in detoxification, rejuvenation, metabolism and helps build immunity
  • A delicious blend of ayurvedic Japanese matcha organic green tea to release all toxins from your system
  • Bring fresh water to boil best made with water at 85 degree. Pour water into cup. Place one teabag

A refreshing iced or hot tea with benefits of Care Japanese Matcha green tea and its anti-oxidant effect.

Ready in just 2 steps Japanese Matcha 2 in 1 (Hot or Iced) Green Tea is a great nourishing choice .

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