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A healthier lifestyle with Ayurvedic super food products from Namhya

In an era where people are usually driven by their urge to gorge on fast food and catch up with the fast-moving life, the emergence of ready to consume healthy food products seems an aberration. However, beating the odds, Ridhima, the founder of Namhya Foods, carved a niche by introducing a range of Ayurvedic ready to eat food products to the market.

Bridging the unhealthy gap

Like every other innovation, change does not happen overnight. The founder of Namhya Foods, Ridhima, initiated her journey upon taking up the healthier lifestyle herself. To get fit, Ridhima lost about 30 kgs in 2 years in 2014 (86kgs-56kgs). While doing so, she observed the wide gap in the market for real healthy foods. The fancy quinoa chips and avocados pinched the pocket; the other section of fad food products was even worse because of the marketing communication that would blur the ingredients and embolden all the reasons to fall for the product.

The products selling in the garb of healthy food are not really healthy. For instance, a healthy oats biscuit also incorporates refined flour and sugar. The so-called sugar-free solutions have aspartame in it that can cause AHDH and weight gain. Fat-free food is the new cause of diabetes (Hidden sugars). The browns of that bread are coloured versions of the white. Usually, the consumers are unaware of these facts simply because one doesn’t usually turn the packet of these products and check its nutritional content.

For Ridhima, a lot changed when her father was seriously ill due to liver cirrhosis. In fact, she realized the gap between the food industry and the health care industry and how there is no role of food in the treatment. While her father recovered with precautions on food and going back to the roots with the help of her research on food, she decided to take this up full time after quitting her corporate job.

Focussing on preventive health care segment with everyday Ayurvedic food alternatives

Namhya Health FoodHaving a family lineage in Ayurveda and ayurvedic herbs for more than 80 years(started in 1937), Ridhima was able to analyse and formulate ayurvedic solution since her family knew the domain from its origin. Also, because of the vast network of ‘hakeems’ (Traditional Medical practitioners in Ayurveda), they understood the herbs well.

Speaking about the Ayurvedic food products, she said, “While Ayurveda seems like an ancient concept, there is no one in the industry today who is working on preventive health care segment. There might be health foods brand in the snacking category of protein bars or the cure-based segment mostly covered by traditional players. There isn’t a space created for everyday foods based in Ayurveda that could help you prevent such common but dangerously spreading diseases like diabetes, thyroid, BP, Cholesterol, PCOS, etc.”

“We are an Ayurveda based health foods brand. We create interesting combinations of Ayurvedic foods (Superfoods) that can blend well with your modern-day living. Say, our Sattu based breakfast cereal, which is an instant mix but healthy, or the Diabetic tea with herbs like ‘paneer dodi’ to help regulate blood sugar naturally,” she added.

Ridhima and her team follow a philosophy, as she stated, “In this world of pesticides, insecticides and fad foods, we are trying to rebuild the natural way of eating with the goodness of Indian herbs. They maybe superfoods of today but your grandma’s and granddad’s grew up with those foods. Namhya is an effort to bring back the golden heritage of long-forgotten basic Indian foods that blend with your today’s lifestyle!”

Thoughtful ingredients for a healthy life!

Speaking about the uniqueness of Namhya Foods, Ridhima commented, “We produce natural foods based in Ayurveda. We take extreme care that we follow our core philosophy of no insecticides, no pesticides, and preservatives free foods.”

Elaborating on the approach, she said that Namhya Foods does not have hidden sugars in the form of sucralose or fructose. The products incorporate natural local ingredients without any problematic preservatives, additives, and emulsifiers.

Happy to bring the culture of long-forgotten food products back to everyday consumption, Ridhima mentioned some ingredients used in the products that have a healing effect on the body.

She stated, “Say, the Ayurvedic herb Paneer Dodi that works like magic for diabetic patients in our Namhya diabetic care Tea. Or the Ashoka chhal relieves menstrual issues to such a great extent if taken consistently in our Namhya PCOS tea. Or the blend of Shankhpushpi that works in blend with other herbs to recover from Thyroid issues ( Namhya Thyroid care Tea). Our proposition is local ingredients, high pranic energy goods, no preservatives, and based in Ayurveda.”

Immune system: Handle with care

Considering the current pandemic ridden scenario, she recommended products that can help in strengthening the immune system.

Namhya immunity booster latte

Namhya Immunity Booster Latte


A blend of Turmeric, Ashwagandha, Moringa, Fresh coconut flakes, Tulsi, and cinnamon, the immunity booster latte is a perfect blend of Ayurvedic spices and delectable taste.

Namhya kashmiri kahwa

Namhya Kashmiri Kahwa

Our whole leaf , super fine kahwa is made from unoxidized leaves and is one of the less processed types of tea. Cinnamon, Cardamom, Cloves, Rose Petals, Giloy, Saffron provide an aromatic experience while supporting the immune system.

Namhya Ayurvedic Tea

Namhya Ayurvedic TeaThe spiced Ayurvedic tea blend is packed with 7 Active Ayurvedic ingredients – Ashwagandha, Brahmi, Cinnamon, Cardamom, Fresh Rose Petals, Fennel Seeds, and Star anise to help one stay healthy.

One straight road to reach the customer

Speaking about the marketing of the product, Ridhima said, “We are a dominantly online brand that has picked up the path of D2C. Without saying, our digital handles play the strongest role in promoting the brand. Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp form the most important tools for interacting with our customers.”

She added, “Our website is an enabler to set the tone for our philosophy, of who we are. It is an e-commerce portal having discrete information on Ayurveda, remedies, and everyday hacks beyond our products. Videos, testimonials, detailed description- this all forms an interactive platform for a good user experience to buy our products and know so much more.”

Namhya foods have also undertaken influencer marketing. It has done Instagram tie-ups and interactions with relevant audiences to discuss health, specific issues in detail.

Source: bwhotelier.businessworld