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Basic Ayurveda Aamla Churna 100g

Brand : Basic Ayurveda

Description : Basic Ayurveda's Aamla Churna is one of the purest forms of Aamla. Aamla churna is believed to be a divine herbal supplement that is obtained from the amla fruit.

  • Aamla Churna enhances all the seven tissues (dhatus), including the reproductive tissue.
  • Aamla Churna is Helpful in treating skin . It has sheet virya in potency. It inhibits pitta and thus helps in getting relief from all the skin disorders which is cahelpful by pitta.
  • Aamla Churna is act as a tonic, diuretic and antibilious (Pitta dosh nivarak) remedy.
  • Aamla Churna is also helpful in burning sensation, over thirst, dyspepsia and other complaints of digestive system.
Dosage : 3 to 6 gm (1 to 2 spoon) twice a day.

Ingredients : Aamla / Indian Gooseberry (Emblica Officinalis) Powder.

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