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Ariel Matic Front Load Detergent Powder 500gm

Brand : Ariel

Ariel Matic has been developed to bring you Indias BEST stain removal in 1 WASH for front loading washing machines. Especially designed to be used in front loading machines, Ariel Matic offers brilliant stain removal for full loads. Not only that, but it provides deep down cleaning and long lasting freshness for any load. Especially formulated for fully automatic washing machines, it has upto 2X more active ingridents vs handwash detergent. Ariel Matics cutting edge technology provides impeccable cleaning for all your clothes, and removed tough stains like coffee, ketchup and gravy. Ariel Matic comes in a white carton box that offers more than just packaging. Take a look for some great laundry tips. Based on lab test on overall better stain removal vs. premium front load Matic detergents. Based on technical tests up to 2X more stain fighting ingredients when compared to ordinary handwash detergents, such as Tide Naturals

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