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Anju Arshomrit (Effective Cure for Piles) Tablets - 30 Tabs

Brand : Anju Pharmaceuticals

Description: The anal canal and the lower rectum have a lumen lined by three fibro vascular cushions. In each cushion is a venous plexus fed by arteo-venous communications. The internal haemorrhoid plexus receives its blood supply exclusively from the terminal branches of the superior rectal artery. There are many factors that contribute to develop pathological haemorrhoid cushions. The alteration may be due to familiarity, environmental factors e.g. Constipation, straining during defecation, low fiber diet, obesity, sedentary life style. Further, it may be due to deterioration of connective supportive tissue. Symptoms vary with conditions e.g. pregnancy, repeated straining, constipation, diarrhea, changes in diet or working pattern. These situations may under go periods of remission and relapse. The most common symptoms is bleeding after going to the toilet. This is either bright red and usually noticed in wiping or in the toilet bowl.. Most common cause of Anal bleeding is due to haemorrhoid. Internal haemorrhoid are usually painless. More over, intense pain is usually associate in cases of anal fissure, Piles, anorectic abscess etc. Prolapses occur with bowel movement and are associated with an uncomfortable sensation of fullness and incomplete evacuation. Larger haemorrhoid may cause mucus discharge, pain, irritation and itching. The discharge may irritate the skin around the anus, this result in to fullness in the anus or fully emptying bowel feeling is not felt by patient. Arshomrit is a safe, effective herbal remedy which ensures significant results in patients suffering from piles, haemorrhoid, fissure and rectal bleeding, prolapses of rectum and fistula.

DOSAGE : 2 Capsules twice after meals with water.


1. External application of Zalim-X Ruz is useful to get relief from piles & cure of wounds.

2. Regular use of Sugam churn is recommended to get rid of constipation.

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